German jobmarket for chemists – a summary in May 2015

It has been a while again since my last english post. To be precise, in March 2015 wrote about the growth of chemical production in Germany and the low general unemployment. Well, at least according to official statistics.

If you take a look at the number of unemployed chemists in Germany (e.g. on my statistics page), you see that there is a trend since 2012, and it doesn’t look too nice. It seems that unemployment among experts is growing slowly but steadily since then (green line on the picture).

What else do we have? C&EN from May 11th 2015 talks about internships as „the first foothold“ in companies. My personal experience in this matter is a bit different. I did internships in two big chemical/pharmaceutical companies and did not work there afterwards. But it was a good experience to see how work is done in industry.

And finally, in „Nachrichten aus der Chemie“, GDCh’s magazine, the balance sheets of Evonik (Spezialchemie nahezu konstant: 2% more revenues, R&D expenses 5% up), Henkel (Strategie im Blick: revenues 3.4% up, more standardization planned in the future.) and Lanxess (Umbauen für den Erfolg: revenues 3.5% lower, workforce lowered by 1000) are examined.

Unemployment among German chemists

Firstly, I am trying to keep up with with my schedule, so here I have new unemployment numbers for chemists in Germany. There is a further decline in total unemployment to 8858 persons. Experts unemployment stays more or less the same, and the number of chemists looking for a job is even rising.

You can see the development since 2012 on my statistic page.

But there are more news regarding the German job market, I read them in the Nachrichten aus der Chemie 2014, 62, 1239 (Link for subscribers):

  • Salaries in the USA for PhD chemists declined from $80’000 to $75’800 (median). Their source is actually ACS, so you all probably knew this.
  • In Germany, female chemists earn 18% less than male chemists, according to the Hans-Böckler-Stiftung.
  • And finally, companies in Germany are missing 123500 experts, among them 75’000 technicians, and only 48’600 (5% less then last year) with a university background (this is probably special in Germany with its dual education and formation system). Translated to US vocabulary, this means that more people with a bachelor level education than with a MSc or PhD are needed. You can look this up here.

Have an nice christmas holiday and a happy and successful new year!

German job market for chemists in October

Another month passed, so I proudly present the new unemployment numbers by the German Arbeitsagentur.

First, chemists: In October, there was a slight reduction of unemployed chemists (9072), although unemployment of so-called experts is still around the same number (2524) as last month (I still believe that PhD chemists fall into this category).

Compared to that, general unemployment is now at only 2.733 Mio. (-68.000 compared to September) whereas underemployment (not enough work) is down 115.000 to 3.636 Mio. I don’t want to discuss the differences here, that would be politics, which is bad for an employment blog. Those numbers come from the statistics page of the Arbeitsagentur.

So, what does that mean? Not much, I guess. According to Handelsblatt, German industry invested 0.8% less than last year, but on the other hand, chemical companies expect a slight turnover increase.

By the way, the links in this article lead to German newspapers, sorry for that.

New unemployment numbers and round up for German Chemists in September

Unfortunately I was still not able to find unemployment numbers for chemists in whole Europe, so I just updated my old diagram. Basically, there is not much movement in the numbers.

If someone has a hint where to find the European numbers, please post it in the comments. No login or registration is required.

What else happened last month?

Have a nice autumn!

Unemployment for chemists in Germany in August 2014

As in the last months, a slight trend to higher unemployment is visible in August regarding unemployed chemists. According to the German „Agentur für Arbeit“ (see Excel-File), 9773 chemistry-related persons were unemployed, 2559 of them so-called „experts“ (The classification of an „expert“ by the „Agentur“ is complicated, but I guess that PhD chemists are a part). You can see the statistics on my „Statistik“ page.

All in all, 16127 chemistry-related persons are looking for a job via the „Agentur“.

These numbers are no reason for hope, but employment numbers are traditionally weak in August.