German job market for chemists in October

Another month passed, so I proudly present the new unemployment numbers by the German Arbeitsagentur.

First, chemists: In October, there was a slight reduction of unemployed chemists (9072), although unemployment of so-called experts is still around the same number (2524) as last month (I still believe that PhD chemists fall into this category).

Compared to that, general unemployment is now at only 2.733 Mio. (-68.000 compared to September) whereas underemployment (not enough work) is down 115.000 to 3.636 Mio. I don’t want to discuss the differences here, that would be politics, which is bad for an employment blog. Those numbers come from the statistics page of the Arbeitsagentur.

So, what does that mean? Not much, I guess. According to Handelsblatt, German industry invested 0.8% less than last year, but on the other hand, chemical companies expect a slight turnover increase.

By the way, the links in this article lead to German newspapers, sorry for that.

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