German job market for chemists in October

Another month passed, so I proudly present the new unemployment numbers by the German Arbeitsagentur. First, chemists: In October, there was a slight reduction of unemployed chemists (9072), although unemployment of so-called experts is still around the same number (2524) as last month (I still believe that PhD chemists fall into this category). Compared to … Weiterlesen

New unemployment numbers and round up for German Chemists in September

Unfortunately I was still not able to find unemployment numbers for chemists in whole Europe, so I just updated my old diagram. Basically, there is not much movement in the numbers. If someone has a hint where to find the European numbers, please post it in the comments. No login or registration is required. What … Weiterlesen

Unemployment for chemists in Germany in August 2014

As in the last months, a slight trend to higher unemployment is visible in August regarding unemployed chemists. According to the German „Agentur für Arbeit“ (see Excel-File), 9773 chemistry-related persons were unemployed, 2559 of them so-called „experts“ (The classification of an „expert“ by the „Agentur“ is complicated, but I guess that PhD chemists are a … Weiterlesen