German jobmarket for chemists – a summary in May 2015

It has been a while again since my last english post. To be precise, in March 2015 wrote about the growth of chemical production in Germany and the low general unemployment. Well, at least according to official statistics.

If you take a look at the number of unemployed chemists in Germany (e.g. on my statistics page), you see that there is a trend since 2012, and it doesn’t look too nice. It seems that unemployment among experts is growing slowly but steadily since then (green line on the picture).

What else do we have? C&EN from May 11th 2015 talks about internships as „the first foothold“ in companies. My personal experience in this matter is a bit different. I did internships in two big chemical/pharmaceutical companies and did not work there afterwards. But it was a good experience to see how work is done in industry.

And finally, in „Nachrichten aus der Chemie“, GDCh’s magazine, the balance sheets of Evonik (Spezialchemie nahezu konstant: 2% more revenues, R&D expenses 5% up), Henkel (Strategie im Blick: revenues 3.4% up, more standardization planned in the future.) and Lanxess (Umbauen für den Erfolg: revenues 3.5% lower, workforce lowered by 1000) are examined.

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