Weekly Summary of German chemistry jobs 20.04.12

Apart from open positions e.g. from STADA, Dottikon, 3M, and Mundipharm, I did a post about cover letters this week. Here it is in short: In my experience, it is important to fit the cover letter to the position one is applying to. But I don’t start with an empty sheet, I use building blocks for the different paragraphs in the letter. For example, in the beginning I tell how I found the position and why I am a good candidate to work there. Then, I present myself and important things I already did in my short professional life. Admittedly, this is a short paragraph. I still try to convey the message, that I am an asset for the company. In the final paragraph, I write why I want to work for the company and express my hope that I will be invited for an interview. This doesn’t guarantee success, but I think it is a good guide for starting.

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